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Japanese Wagyu Steak Set for 2

A4 Zabuton Steak 200g/pc – 2pcs
Sai Sai / Hibis Spice – 1 bottle
Miso Soup – 2 packs
Red Wine – 1 bottle

$188.00 w GST

Japanese Yakiniku Set for 2

A4 Chuck Roll Yakiniku 250g – 1 tray
A4 Karubi Yakiniku 250g – 1 tray
Sai Sai / Hibis Spice – 1 bottle
Miso Soup – 2 packs
Red Wine – 1 bottle

$188.00 w GST

Japanese Wagyu Shabu Set for 2

A4 Round Shabu 250g – 1 tray
A4 Chuck Roll Shabu 250g – 1 tray
Mushroom Seasoning (for Rice) – 1 pack
Soup Broth – 1 pack
Sake – 1 bottle

$188.00 w GST

For the Kids

Japanese Burger patties. All kids will love our juicy, delicious Wagyu and Marumi Pork burger patties. We have added the Takoyaki as their finger food too.

2*Wagyu Burger Patties
2*Marumi Pork Burger Patties with onions

$46.00 w GST

For the Party (Yakiniku)

Omakase Yakiniku
Challenge your taste buds! We have curated a Special Omakase Yakiniku Package (1kg) – consisting of various cuts from our A3 and A4 Wagyu.

Each Tray has 250g of our Premium Japanese Wagyu
1*A4 Wagyu Chuck Roll Yakiniku (Katarosu)
1*A4 Wagyu Round Yakiniku (Uchimomo)
1*A4 Wagyu Knuckle Yakiniku (Shintana)
1*A3 Wagyu Ribeye Yakiniku (Ribloin)

$127.00 w GST

For the Party (Shabu Shabu)

UNSEI Shabu Set
1*A4 Wagyu Sirloin Shabu Shabu (250g)
1*A4 Wagyu Chuck Roll Shabu Shabu (250g)
1*A3 Wagyu Sirloin Shabu Shabu (250g)
1*Marumi Pork Momo Shabu Shabu (250g)
1*Marumi Pork Belly Shabu Shabu (250g)
1*Marumi Pork Loin Shabu Shabu (250g)

1*Free Wagyu Pork Meatballs

$310.00 w GST

30 Days Aged Wagyu

Using our prime Wagyu Ribeye and Sirloin for the aging, after 30 days, the Aged Wagyu is more lean and tender yet maintaining its unique Wagyu Umami.

30 days Aged Wagyu (200g)

$62.00 w GST

A4 Wagyu Karubi

This A4 Wagyu Karubi is a great cut for Yakiniku BBQ. It is lean with just enough wagyu marbling to have that soft wagyu texture

A4 Wagyu Karubi (150g)

$35.00 w GST

Yakiniku Grill Set

Choice of 2pax or 5pax Yakiniku Grill set

Yakiniku Set comes with

  • A3 Wagyu Yakiniku cuts (250g/500g)
  • A4 Wagyu Yakiniku cuts (250g/500g)
  • Miyazaki Pork Yakiniku cuts (200g/400g)
  • + Option to have a Instant Grill or the Beef Tongue Yakiniku

Yakiniku Grill Set (Mini)


Yakiniku Grill Set (5 pax)


Fresh Daily

Our meats

All of our meat products are from accredited farms and processing plants.

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Featured Products

Ready to eat – SNOW CRAB CLAW

$28.00 w GST


$8.50 w GST

Ankimo – Monkfish Liver

Out of stock

$33.00 w GST

30 days Aged Wagyu (200g)

$62.00 w GST

A4 Wagyu Karubi (150g)


$35.00 w GST

A3 | A4 | A5 Premium Wagyu Beef – Shabu Shabu Slices


$35.00$50.00 w GST

Japanese Sake, Whisky, Gin & Highball


Gyudon (or Beef Donburi | Beef Bowl) is like a comfort food for the Japanese. The fat in Wagyu is very tender and its exquisite juicy flavour permeates into the rice.


Seiro-mushi meaning “beef and vegetables cooked in a bamboo steamer” is a low-calorie dish. “Umami” (meat flavour and taste) of the Wagyu permeates into the vegetables and you preserve the taste of the natural ingredients.

Wagyu Steak

Wagyu Beef the perfect meat for your next BBQ.

We Love Our Farmers

Our Ranches

Our ranches are in the Kagoshima and Okinawa Prefectures

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