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Enjoy the mouth watering quality Wagyu Beef with your family and friends at the comfort of your home. We provide home deliveries for your orders and we have simple recipes and cooking suggestions to get you started in savouring the “melt in the mouth” sensation of eating Japanese Wagyu Beef
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What is Wagyu Beef? What is the difference between Wagyu and Kobe Beef?
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We have put together some simple Cooking ideas for you to enjoy our Wagyu Beef at the comfort of your home
Simple recipes for you to cook up a delicious, mouthwatering meal with our Wagyu Beef
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Your Wagyu is of excellent quality and my students loved it!!



Chef, Instructor

Loved every bite of the Wagyu!

Jan Chan Jann

The Wagyu is so delicious, we will definitely order again for our BBQ

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Where are your Wagyu Beef from?
Our Wagyu Beef are imported from ITO WAGYU, from the Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan
Are your Wagyu Beef certified by AVA?
All of our meat products are from accredited farms and processing plants approved by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)
Can I order bigger cuts for my BBQ?
Certainly!! We are most pleased to have it cut to your request. Just send us an email info@wagyubeefsingapore.com or call us at +65-81189310
Is there a minimum order ?
Nope…. there is no minimum order requirement. However for order less than $100, there shall be a $10 delivery charge
Where do I collect my order?
You don’t have to! We deliver! to your home.

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