A5 Wagyu Sirloin / Ribeye Steak

$178.50$214.20 w GST

As the highest rated Wagyu grade in Japan, A5 is not only extremely marbled, it is packed with the distinctive umami flavor and lower melting point fat compounds that contribute to the melts-in-your-mouth sensation for which Japanese Wagyu is famous.

* Price is estimated, as each cut may weight differently. Final cut weight and price will be advised via WhatsApp upon order. Read more below .

Estimation for

Thickness &

15 mm 310 to 355 gram
20 mm 350 to 460 gram
25 mm 460 to 550 gram

We will advice on the final cut weights upon confirmation of your order.

To truly enjoy the Umami flavour of the Japanese Wagyu Steak with its melt-in-your-mouth sensation, we would recommend a minimum steak cut thickness of 15mm. So that there’s enough time to shear the outside of the wagyu, while letting the heat to soften the marbling, without overcooking it.