Japanese Wagyu Beef

What is Wagyu?

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What does the “Wa” in Wagyu Stand for?

“Wa” in Wagyu refers to the wholesome meaning of Japan itself, it also stands for the harmony and peace that represents the Heart of Japan.

“Gyu” stands for Cow

Wagyu is a work of art, blessed by Japan’s rich nature and food culture

Just as rice has been an essential in the life of the Japanese, farming cattle had also been indispensable in rice cropping. Like in other countries, Wagyu beef also traces its roots to draft cattle, and has gone through breeding improvements repeatedly in Japan’s rich nature, coupled with its four seasons to have become a valuable breed with sashi, or “marbling“.

Wagyu has since grown together with the Japanese food culture, from the thin slicing and simmering of the meat with vegetables in a pot, as in sukiyaki and shabu shabu, to the use of Wagyu in Yakiniku, Gyu-don, Steak, etc.

It has captured global attention not only as a high quality food ingredient but also as a Work of Art.

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