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Wagyu Steak

Wagyu Steak has an extemely tender texture and is easily consumed. The best way is to flabour it with graded Wasabi or Soy Sauce or salt.

Wagyu Sirloin is one of the most beloved cuts of steak. Taken from the 11th rib down to the lowe back, the finely textured, high quality Wagyu cut features impeccably uniform sashi marbling. It’s also an easy cut to prepare, which adds to its charm.

When served, the Wagyu beef sirloin steak, with its sweet and umami-rich aroma wafts through the air, assaulting your olfactory sesnses and stimulating your appetite. Having cut through the velvety red meat like a hot knife through butter, putting a rich, sweet juiciness that saturates your senses. This is the most luxurious steak possible – heaven on a plate.

Wagyu Slices
Wagyu Slices

Cooking Suggestions

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