Wagyu Grades

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Wagyu Beef Grades

Wagyu Gradiwagyu0003ng System
Excellent quality evaluation method to provide consumers with constant quality.

There is an unique grading system, which no other countries have, to judge Wagyu quality objectively. The grading standards is set by the Japan Meat Grading Association, which is the only organisation authorised by the Japanese Government.

After slaughtering, the carcasses are evaluated strictly and one by one, by the Japan Meat Grading Association grader.

This grading system is an assured and standardised method of quality assessment in maintaining the constant Wagyu quality according to each of its classification, regardless of when and where are the cattle are produced and slaughtered in Japan.


Two criteria for evaluation of Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef Grading is divided into two main categories of meat quality grade and yield grade. 

For meat quality grading, a five-step evaluation is made on the following four points: marbling, colour and shine of meat, firmness and texture, and fat colour and shine, with the fifth grade being the highest.

Yield grades are to judge the final meat ratio. Based on the specific calculation method, carcass is put into one of the following categories.

A for above average, B for average, C for below average. Grade judgement is conducted by combining the yield grading and quality grading, e.g. A5, A4.

Fieldseas’ Wagyu Beef in Singapore are imported from the Kagoshima, Miyazaki and many other Prefectures and are graded and certified by the Japan Meat Grading Association and our farms and processing plants are accredited and approved by SFA.

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