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A4 Grade Wagyu Beef

$81.20 – $93.00


When Wagyu is heated to 80 deg C, it releases a specific Wagyu aroma not found in any other beef. This aroma is a characteristic of purebred Japanese Wagyu. As the second-highest rated Wagyu grade in Japan, A4 is not only extremely marbled, it is packed with the distinctive umami flavor and lower melting point fat compounds that contribute to the melts-in-your-mouth sensation for which Japanese Wagyu is famous.


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No Marinating

Due to its extreme marbling factor (the reason wagyu melts in your mouth), premium Japanese Wagyu beef does not require any marinating before you BBQ it


Try not to place the steak directly over the fire as Japanese Wagyu Beef has such a high concentration of fats that the oil may cause the charcoal to catch fire.

Extreme Marbling

Japanese Wagyu beef is generally regarded as the highest grade of beef due to its extreme levels of marbling

Wagyu Month Promotion

A4 Grade Wagyu

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