Nihonsakari Junmai Daiginjo Souhana 超特撰 惣花


This is a upgrade to the beloved Souhana Junmai Ginjo who have been loved for more than 100 years. Rice driven aromas, with hints of apple and white grape. Creamy mouthfeel, rich body while being clean and structured. This sake matches well with Tempura, Unagi, Beijing Duck and Sweet and Sour pork..

This sake was designed for the coronation of current Japanese Emperor Naruhito in 2019. Its striking bottle design and bold yet elegant taste is testament to the purpose of this brew. It is sometimes given out as gifts to the guests to the imperial palace.


Prefecture Hyogo
Brewery Nihonsakari Co. Ltd.
Grade Junmai Daigingo
Rice Yamadanishiki
Polish 38%
SMV -6
ABV 15.0%