Kurobuta Shabu Shabu Slices (Black Pork)


Kurobuta Shabu Shabu slices (Black Pork)
500g / pack

What’s the most delicious way to eat kurobuta pork? If you’re looking to experience the flavor of the meat in and of itself, definitely go with shabu-shabu. Dip raw slices of pork into boiling hot dashi broth, then cover with fresh raw egg, ponzu citrus sauce, or sesame tare sauce and enjoy. The tenderness of the thinly sliced meat and the sweetness of the fat will melt in your mouth.

Hot and Boiling Shabu broth with cabbage, eryngii, enotitake, tofu and Kurobuta pork inside hot pot.

With fine textured, tender meat and clean-tasting fat, highly nutritious kurobuta pork, unblemished by off flavors, was a favorite of shogun generals in ancient times and is still loved today as the “walking vegetable.” What makes Kagoshima kurobuta pork so delicious is Kagoshima’s sweet potatoes, one of the prefectures top products. Kurobuta pigs fed on these sweet potatoes gain the distinctive clean-flavored fatty meat so beloved by fans. Kagoshima’s warm and pleasant weather is also essential to raising kurobuta piglets. Thanks to this combination of factors, kurobuta has become a brand name for pork unique to Kagoshima.

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